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Managing your problems
Helping your business with tough change management implementations making it more efficient and cost productive using proven processes and models.


A new price for excellence
Bringing you engaging and cost efficient solutions for your IT problems. We offer highly skilled and professional developers at a very competitive price.


Artistic impressions showing more
A picture says a thousand words - or so it goes. We will show you how, and perhaps more importantly, why.


We do more
Venture Capital, IT support, and Mentorship program in Project Management are a few examples.

About our business

Company structure

Today AjeGroup controls three subsidiaries; AjeManagement, AjeDesign, and AjeOutsourcing. They are all 100% owned by AjeGroup AB, and span over one main area - IT.

Whether it's developing a product, managing the construction of it, or supplying the manpower to succeed, we excel at it all.

we offer

imageServices that delivers more than you expect. 

We offer a wide variety of services across all of three main operational areas. Within management we specialize in strategic/operational Project Management with focus towards business transitions and transformations.

Our outsourcing targets the Swedish market and provides highly educated and skilled Polish developers at a competitive price.

Finally, Ajedesign provides an artistic take on business solutions. Graphic profiles, websites, and usability are our main areas. We also provide professional photography using state of the art equipment.


choose us

Having a great track record is not all, but it's a good start.

We constantly challenge and push ourselves beyond our comfort zone so that we can evolve and become more superior than the competition. If your business is undergoing a large transformation process, or perhaps your development team is under pressure and you need support, then don't hesitate. Please give us a call and we will assist you in any way you require.

Phone: +46 725 504659

E-mail: info@ajedesign.se

Welcome to our business company site

My vision has always been the attention to details.

Starting a new business is in most cases a slow process. But if your idea is good, and you believe in it, the only thing that keeps that dream from being realized is you yourself. We have spent more than six years developing our services, and today we can show you our vision. Welcome to a bright future with AjeGroup!


Andreas Abrahamsson - CEO and Founder

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