About us

core values


Without reliability and trust there is no foundation for any kind of relationship, private or personal.


If we don't enjoy our work and afford ourselves to have fun, then why work at all?


We never stop. We always move forward. But sometimes stopping is moving forward.


Business without borders. No matter where or who you are, we are there for you.

Our history

AjeGroup started out as AjeDesign in 2008 with the ambition of providing Industrial Design services.

Today AjeGroup controls three subsidiaries; AjeManagement, AjeDesign, and AjeOutsourcing and are all 100% owned by AjeGroup AB. They span over one main area, IT. Whether it's building a website, managing the construction of it, or supplying the manpower to succeed, we excel at it.

The foundation for this company was established during 2008 when Andreas Abrahamsson identified gaps in the IT market for cost efficient web design solutions.  A variety of in-house work was performed. But eventually the consultant business came into play, and by 2010 all work was undertaken as a consultant. After 2013's extremely successful year for the company, Andreas started looking into new markets and also a new way of evolving his business.

That evolution is was you see in front of you today. With ties to Poland thanks to previous business, an agreement was founded between Andrzej Misiak, LGBS, and AjeGroup. The outsourcing of highly skilled developers was born. The new company, AjeOutsourcing was launched early January 2015.


For inqueries, questions or anything else, please call us at +46 725 504659

or send us an email at info@ajedesign.se.


  • AjeGroup Mother company  Controls and own all other subsidiaries
  • AjeManagement Main business Management consultant firm
  • AjeOutsourcing Challenging the outsourcing business Launched January 2015
  • AjeDesign Original company name Professional photography and design