A new price for excellence

We are proud to launch our new branch for 2015 - AjeOutsourcing

We have a unique offer that combines excellent quality with attractive pricing. Take advantage of the opportunity today to create a valuable solution and at the same time the possibility to save funds allocated to the investment. Transfer of IT projects outside your own country to another, which is close geographically and culturally, brings a lot of benefits. For example you can without a problem arrange personal meetings at the time when it becomes necessary. At the same time such action is associated with a major reduction of the costs of IT projects.

We've teamed up with LGBS in Poland. Together we'll provide the Swedish market with highly skilled and professional developers at a very competitive price point.

  • Are you responsible for the IT projects?
  • Have you thought about lowering the cost of IT development, but you are tired of using companies from a remote time zones and different cultures?
  • Do you think that personal meetings and help of Swedish coordinator on site would be beneficial?

If you answer “Yes” to these questions than nearshore development is for you!

Only a click away to new business opportunities.
Please click the logo and you'll be transferred to our main business site for outsourcing - www.ajeoutsourcing.se



Poland is the largest IT outsourcing market in Europe (according to "Market Vista Location Heatmap", a report by Everest, 10/2011).

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