HL Display

HL Display is a leading international supplier of products and solutions for in-store communication and merchandising to the food and non-food retail sectors. The company is also a leading supplier of products and solutions to brand manufacturers for merchandising on the shelf and in other parts of the store. HL Display is an international company operating in 47 markets in Western and Eastern Europe, South America, the Middle East and Asia. In 36 of these markets HL Display has its own subsidiaries, while the other 11 are served by selected distributors.

Today HL Display is undergoing a global standardization process - Common Business Model (CBM). All local markets are to centralize their ERP system (Jeeves) into one common - One Jeeves. Through Jeeves, the processes with its system support
controls product pricing and calculation in an agile way; fast and adaptable to current market conditions.

Aje Group provided Senior Project Management for this major program.Part of the job in question has been to run one of the three major projects within the CBM, Sales & Quotation, as Project Manager. The project responsibilities involve setting project scope and budget, securing development of new features for business critical areas, and managing the implementation of new modules in Jeeves on a global level.

Main focus has been on how to handle bespoke products within Jeeves with Area UK as main target. Setting the Quotation Order Flow (QOF), a system specification for bespoke products, including developing the necessary features to handle the QOF and implementing these changes in to production, was high priority. The QOF derives from a process description illustrated in a detailed swim lane model, effectively mapping the organization and its processes. This model acted as a blue print for building the new functionality in Jeeves.

Key to success for the Sales & Quotation process in UK was the development and implementation of the Estimator module. It’s tailored to specifically meet UK demands on offering bespoke products to customers with high reliability, detailed control over material, machine and labor costs, and a seamless order flow through Jeeves starting from a Customer Need all the way to Production and Invoicing.

The Estimator module is now being integrated throughout HL Display, with Poland as next customer. As a last step in the implementation process, training and testing of Super Users and Experts for the new functionality was done.

Area UK went live on December 2nd, 2013.

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